Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miss Lillie....

Tegra and I met about 3 years ago, when I worked at 24 hour fitness. At that time we weren't even training one on one together. I was training her best friend and roommate Mary Beth who introduced us. I always asked about Tegra...she reminded me alot of myself. Almost every morning I would see her on the "Mill". If you don't know what that is....well good. It's a horribly annoying boring piece of equipment, that the thought of ever being on again makes me want to vomit. Just being honest. Anyways, finally one day Tegra and I got her set up on some sessions at 24. The rest is history. A lot has changed since then....alot! Landon and I moved to Miami, which we hated. Moved back to Austin to start our very own personal training business! Huge deal let me tell you...we moved back with no idea what was going to happen. We knew 3 things. We hated Miami, We loved Austin and we missed our families and clients. Tegra's support was immediate...Oh and we got her now fiance Steve training with Landon! We had no idea what a bromance these 2 would begin to have! Right when we got back Tegra and Mary Beth came and did their very first CrossFit WOD together. I believe it was a scaled "Angie" with no pull up's. I just remember how much they hated to love me that day:). When I think back to that day and how far Tegra has come it blows my mind! It's CRAZY!! No more calorie counting on daily burn. No more endless hours of cardio on annoying equipment. Assisted gravitron machine pull up's are now un-assisted kips YAY. Grains and gloves suck. Bacon and rips rule! Out of all the amazing changes and progressions she has made by far the best is yet to come. Miss Lillie is getting her CrossFit level 1 Cert at the end of August. I am sooooooo excited about this! So excited! She embodies what CrossFit is and is going to be an amazing CrossFit Coach. I can't wait to work beside her and watch her grow even more as a CrossFitter and now a Coach. Tegra has already brought so much to the CrossFit Round Rock Community and I know I couldn't have picked a more perfect person to continue to grow mine and Landon's dream with. I am so proud of you girl:) YOU ARE CrossFit!!!!

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