Thursday, October 15, 2015

Yams on Yams on Yams! 5 Minute Food Prep Heaven!

I've got to say this is one of the best things I have added into The Adams Family food prep routine. It literally is the easiest thing anyone could do. Landon and I eat about 12-16 (depending on size) yams/sweet potatoes as of late so this really allows me to prep a schload of them with barely any prep or clean up. If you even want to call it prep ;)! The best part is that the flavor and texture of the yams is so sooooo good!!!! As you can see I've even taken it one step further by purchasing pre cut Reynolds Wrappers :) ... Ya I'm that girl! Ok so here's the run down. It's so easy calling it a recipe almost feels wrong! Ha! 

-Clean yams with warm water. 
-Dry them off. 
-Poke with fork 2-3 times per yam. 
-Wrap in foil- if they are small i usually wrap 2 together. Make sure the foil doesn't have any holes to ensure the steam stays in. 
-Place in crockpot for 8 hours on low. 
-Go to sleep. 
-Wake up to the aroma of yam heaven. 

Enjoy :) 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Finding the Balance Between Selfish and Selfless.

Ecclesiastes 3:12–13 So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.  

I've never been the best at taking time away. When I say not the best ... I mean like not good. I have issues unplugging truly (I mean I'm blogging on vacation right now... Whoops #leadfromthefront) Not because the lack of trust at all. I have the best team in the world. 

I have always related spending time with myself selfish. Mostly just because I am not uber selfish person also ... It's never been natural to be like that. I feel such guilt taking a break when people need me. I know that sounds egotistical to some but it's true. 

In this profession there's always something to do to help another person to be the better version of themself, and that's a hard thing to say NO to! Like really hard! Being a contributing factor into the changing of someone's life is such a gift. And it's super hard to unplug and essentially ignore them and worry about myself. Sounds even worse now that I type it out. Which explains a lot of the why in "why" I feel like this.  

Bottom line is .... I can't enjoy life and allow for the best use my gifts if I don't allow myself to take just as much care as myself as I do everyone else. And not just a few times a year. This should happen regularly. 
Time to step up and #dome :-)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

145 .... and proud.

Pictured on the left is a pic from 2011. I am the same weight as the pic on the right (currently) and DAMN PROUD of my 145. I ate a lot less and I worked out lot more. I worried about the scale and stressed myself out to the max about being good enough at the sport I love #crossfit. So much that it drove me to feel unworthy to be a Coach, a Leader and Gym Owner. 

I lifted heavier than I should, skipped scaling movements out of ego... I let my ego drive me. I wasn't consistent and made excuses. Failed to listen to those around me. A leader who hated herself behind closed doors and felt like a fraud who didn't practice watch she preached. It's safe to say I didn't truly appreciate the beauty that is #crossfit. 

Fast forward to now... 145 and proud and letting #crossfit do its job. 

I am officially following the pyramid of CrossFit. Am I embarrassed that it took me so long? Heck no. I wouldn't change it if I could. These lessons now allow me to relate to so many who have been in the same boat as me. I now have the tools necessary and they allow me to inspire and motivate so many. 

The scale has and will always haunt me. Once weighing in close to 190#, I feel like that can only be normal right :). It's a great reminder to find things like this to remind myself how far I have come and how much I have to offer to the community. 

Here's to where we are today and where we are going tmrw! This is your life! Make it what you wish!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So you say you want a Coach?

The next best thing in your eyes isn't always what you need and what's best for that body of yours. Stop searching for the wrong solution. Instead search for what's right for your body and health long term. Search for consistency and proper ways to learn and grow. Not for the workout that makes you feel like you've been destroyed and over trained. "Go hard or Go Home" isn't cool anymore. Ain't nobody got time for pain and injury. Life is too precious to sit back and miss out because of 10 more pounds on a back squat when you can't even do a body weight squat properly. You need a Coach that will lay it down and tell you how it is. That will take the time you and your body deserves to heal and preserve. 

Find a knowledgeable Coach ... Not a cheerleader. Find a mentor... Not a drill sargent. Find a Coach who cares MORE about your body moving well and how you treat it than you do. Find a Coach who challenges you to learn how eat better and and relax more. Find a Coach who believes in you truly becoming PAIN FREE and HEALTHY in all aspects of your life. 

Destruction and improper form does not create long term health and wellness. Knees were NOT made to sink in. Low Backs were not created to handle all the load. Necks were not designed to do all the work and perfecting an air squat is indeed your foundation. 

Move better first. Eat to thrive 80% of the time. The results will follow. The proof is in the pudding. 

Saddle Up.

I don't repost often from other blogs... But this hit me hard. 

2.5 years of mistakes. 
2.5 years of growing.
 3 years of change. 
3 years of lessons. 
5.5 years of greatness in the making. 
Lots of convincing. So many tears. Mistakes have been made. 
Humble I remain. 
My guard is down. 
Ego no longer.
 I am here to set the record straight. 
I am here ... To.. #bethechange 

Saddle Up #affiliates. 
Saddle Up #coaches. 

The change is near. 
Lead. Or Be Lead. 

The Professional Revolution 


"Scenario: The year is 2018. From humble beginnings, Crossfit has grown to an alliance of 20,000 professional, successful Affiliates. CrossFit is universally recognized as a safe, effective methodology, suitable for all ages and abilities. Affiliate owners enjoy the spoils of any successful business: financial freedom, family time, and regular vacations.

There is an absence of torn hands photos, Rhabdo is a forgotten myth, and using the term “Pre-bok” earns you a kick in the throat.


Cause: Somewhere around early 2015, Affiliate owners had a shared reckoning on the potential of their business to positively affect their member’s lives AND make them (& their coaches) a comfortable living. This coincided with the realization that there was no one “Right Way” to run an Affiliate; that each Affiliate required it’s own approach, as determined by universal best practices and innovative trial and error.
With this, Affiliate owners spent their time intelligently developing their businesses to provide the highest quality experience, whilst also providing the owner/s with the lifestyles they deserve.

The masses celebrate in the streets.


Probability: High

It takes certain type of person to open a CrossFit Affiliate: a focused, motivated, hard working indivual. This is not the kind of person likely to accept the toxic falsity that you’ll never make money or experience freedom of time owning an Affiliate. They understand the potential of their business and will work relentlessly to achieve it. They block out the haters, doubters, trolls, and unsuccessful who would have them believe otherwise.
It is because of these uniquely driven individuals."

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I am a CrossFit Coach. I am the CHANGE.

I instruct. I educate. I nurture. I inspire. 
I trust. I love. I train. I grow. I encourage. 
I drive. I comfort. I guide.  I correct. 
guide. I influence. I communicate. 
I develop. I prepare. I prime. I direct. 
I dedicate. I set the bar. I set the tone. 

I applaud growth. 
I encourage change. 

I recognize strengths.  

I capitalize on weakness. 

I am a mentor.
I am an educator. 
I am a leader. 

I lead. 

I believe. 

I change. 

I succeed. 

I am a CrossFit Coach. 
I am the FUTURE. I change LIVES. 

I am the CHANGE. 

Can't stop. Won't stop. #tothetop 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Keep it simple ... But switch it up!!!

I often hear how hard it is for my clients to continusly eat the same things over and over again. It's probably what makes most of them go off on a binge, or they find themselves literally depressed and deprived. Here's the thing ... eating the same things over and over often creates a true healthy lifestyle. It's just part of the game. That being said, getting creative and switching up the flavors and combos will do wonders. Plus it will keep you eating the things that your body loves to be fueled by! 

My favorite switch up go to right now is pictured above. It's super easy and I make 5-6 at a time so I can grab and go! 

You will need : 

-2-3 heirloom tomatoes (I used the fresh ones from my tower garden) 
-3 organic cucumbers 
-1.5 - 2 pounds pre prepped and grilled chicken breast. 
-Con Olio Summer Peach Balsamic Vinegar (white balsamic) 
-Garlic infused olive oil or avocado oil 
-Fresh Basil or Cilantro (switch it up!)

Best part .... Top with Black Truffle Sea Salt. SO GOOD! 

What's your favorite switch up go to?