Thursday, October 20, 2011


A good friend of mine Bria has always told me that people come in and out of your life. This could be someone that you have thought to be a close friend, the love of your life or even your own blood. I am still learning it is OK to move forward. I have always thought moving forward, especially in a positive direction is almost something to feel bad about. Almost as if your ignoring what is actually going on and blocking out the past. For me as someone who tries so much to make others happy and that cares way to much about what people think, it's no wonder why I feel guilty being this way. Always tip toeing around how I really feel, how I should act, and not being myself. All because of one thing.... I AM AFRAID to be VULNERABLE. Wow. Gut check.

In the past few weeks I have found myself needing to open up....needing that vulnerability.  Watching people I care about be vulnerable and realized "YOU KNOW WHAT SELF.... IT'S OK". Whether it's saying good bye to someone who has gone on to a better place, leaving someone you thought was the love of your life or even just losing a relationship with someone you used to call a friend, it's all apart of life. Vulnerability is life. 


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