Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My day of eating!

I get lots of questions about what I eat on a daily basis so I figured HEY why not blog a day of eating in my world. My days of eating depend on my workouts. So on strength/strength conditioning and or long metcon days I might have small amounts of fruit at every meal leading up to the wod...helps me perform. I try to stay away from fruit past 1 or 2 but sometimes I crave like last night;) Here is what I ate yesterday.

Meal 1 8am- (waiting a little longer than normal to eat)
5oz chicken cooked in coconut oil
1 slice nitrate free/gluten free turkey bacon
2 small Capri tomatoes cut and pan fried in coconut oil
1/4 of avocado
Pear fruit cup (in its own juice, this is a new addition. Trying it out on longer strength and conditioning days)

Meal 2 11am-
90/10 turkey patty cooked in coconut oil
lettuce wraps

Meal 3 1pm (before wod)
apple sauce go sauce
5 Pure BCAA's, 2 Pure arginine capsules, scoop of Pure glutamine

Immediately post WOD- 3 fish oil, 5 Pure BCAA's capsules, scoop of glutamine and GAIA homeopathic adrenal supplement

Meal 4 430pm (waited too long)
tuna packet in olive oil (no soy)
sweet potato packet

Meal 5 8PM
Talipia friend in coconut oil
3 Capri tomatoes cut and pan fried in coconut oil
1/4 avocado
half a bag of prince edward medley-HEB good to go microwave green beans and carrots. pan fried in coconut oil after microwaved topped with white truffle oil sea salt and pepper
frozen blueberries for dessert


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