Thursday, September 13, 2012

FEMININE Empowerment baby!!!

Next Saturday I will be taking on "We the People", a competition that CFRR and many other boxes in the area are putting on. This competition is very special in that I will be competing for money raised for the Youth In Motion Foundation and Team Red, White and Blue Foundation. I will be competing in the Elite division, which in this case is a much bigger deal than normal, at least for me that is;). I will be taking on the same weight as Landon and many other Elite MALE competitors. At first this was completely terrifying for me. The thought crossed my mind "UMMMM I don't want a score of 50!!!" but then I realized how overwhelming empowering it will be for me, A WOMEN to compete using the same weight as the Male competitors? That is pretty awesome if you ask me!!! Even if I get 1/4 of the reps they get, I will still be so proud of myself for taking on this challenge. I am looking forward to my 17 minutes of FEMININE EMPOWERMENT! BRING.IT.ON.


--To donate in my honor as I fight through 17 mins of pain for this amazing cause click HERE.

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