Thursday, February 14, 2013

GFree is the way to BE!! CHECK IT!!

I am sure all of you know by now how IMPORTANT I feel it is to remain on a gluten free lifestyle. I want this for everyone and I do everything I can to help people realize this. I would do it for free if money was not such a huge accountability tool to us humans!!! Year after year, as I help more and more people, I found myself always feeling unaccomplished due to the fact that the people I loved the most were always in & out of remaining gluten free or hadn't even thought of remaining on healthy gluten free lifestyle. Well fast forward to now....times have changed!!! #grateful 

A few months back my sister and I made a trip to college station to visit our baby cousin (not so baby anymore) Stescha.While we were there I taught both of them how to eat out gluten free and it still taste yummy! I mean she is in college and people are eating QUESO and chips drunk at 3am and my sister has NEVER dieted or has had to restrict foods from her diet ( I know...lucky $itch haha) bottom line is.... I knew I had to find some really delicious foods to get them started on gluten free path. So that's what we did! You see when you are starting out on this lifestyle...taking away EVERYTHING is sometimes unrealistic! Balance is key:) We found gluten free pizza for when her friends order pizza, we went to subway and had chopped salads instead of 6imch subs and went to Jason's Deli for gluten free sandwiches and soup!!! They were shocked with how easy AND yummy  it was!

Slightly ;) intoxicated about to head to bed while everyone else was out eating queso:) Her first BIG success!! 

So when we left on Sunday, my sister committed to my cousin that they would together remain gluten free for 30 days. I am not going to lie...I was excited and skeptical all at the same time! We all texted each other pics and kept each other on track. My sister was so supportive and it was so cool to see her be that person to our cousin! I am proud to say they did it and are still going strong!! I made my cousin take a before pic...even though she didn't want to:) so she could see the difference when she lost 10 pounds from just remaining gluten free. Pretty drastic isn't it!!! So proud of her and the best part...she is proud of herself and is feeling confident and strong!

My sister is now about 70% gluten free (goal is goal for her haha) and my cousin does her best to stay away from it all together! It's crazy how one weekend visit can make such a drastic impact on someones life. I look back onto that weekend and I am so grateful for the memories that were created but also for the opportunity I was given to help both of them be the best version of them! 

 Love you both so much!! So proud of you! 

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