Monday, September 20, 2010

“Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.” Buddha

So here we are only a few days away from Fight Gone Bad 5! I decided early on that I was not going to compete this year. Hard decision..... yes but, I wanted to devote all of my energy into focusing on all of our amazing athletes that will be competing for the first time this Saturday! Yesterday completed our last training for the 6 week "FGB V training" program at CrossFit Round Rock and I couldn't be more pleased with how far everyone has come! Every day this week I will spotlight 2 of our athletes that will experience the amazing feeling of their first CrossFit Competition in less than 1 week! What an amazing accomplishment everyone! Coach Landon and I are so proud of you!

Michael aka "the kipperfly"

Michael has been attending CrossFit Round Rock since the very first week we rolled up our garage doors to the public. His girlfriend Kendal at the time (now engaged yayy) was so excited to get Michaell into CrossFit and just new he would love it! After his first program he was hooked! Michael has drastically changed not only aesthetically but his strength and muscle endurance is through the roof! He has dialed in his nutrition better and it is showing. Michael would CrossFit every day twice a day if I let him he loves it that much! I can't wait for the day that he beats Coach Landon in a WOD! It's gonna happen! We are super pumped for you and can't wait for you to feel that adrenaline on everything I've yelled at you for will make much more since ;). Proud of you go out there on Saturday and show everyone how hard you have worked.
REBORN? You bet you ass....

Bria aka "the non competitive but hates losing competitor"

Bria is one of my great friends and clients. We worked together back in the day before I was in the "Fitness Industry" and way before CrossFit. She is the proud mother of 2 beautiful children and is a phenomenal CrossFitter, even though she wouldn't call herself that. Bria has taken a total 360 in the way she works out and in turn it has transformed her into one of our top athletes. Yes Bria....athlete;)! Bria has the ability to push through that pain threshold like you can't believe. She listens to her body and that's what makes her so strong. Sometimes something so small as not listening to your body can cost you a lot in CrossFit. Bria's goal was to do Fight Gone Bad 5 as more of a check of her bucket list. This is something she never EVER thought she would do! While getting stronger, faster and leaner throughout the training she also wanted to raise as much money as possible for the Wounded Warrior and Live Strong Foundations. She set a goal for our gym of 5,000 and we are almost there! Coach Landon and her are neck in neck for the most raised at the gym...we shall see who comes out on top! I am so proud of you Bria and how far you have come!

Bria and her amazing Husband Shawn own Parkside an amazing resturant in downtown Austin. They were beyond gracious in donating $600 worth of gift cards to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of both the Elite and Intermediate Categories! Thank you so much! You guys Rock!!CrossFit Round Rock along with 5 other affilates will be holding the Biggest and Best Fight Gone Bad Competition ever this weekend held at Westlake High School! Be sure to come chear everyone on! It's for a great cause!

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