Sunday, January 9, 2011 update delay!

OK so I know I was supposed to post daily my food. Obviously I have not been doing this. Sorry guys :( Not because I am eating off paleo but because of lack of time. I am going to try to sum up the rest of my week for everyone. I pretty much eat the same thing daily so here is a list of what I have been eating.

Veggies- Spinach, mix greens, asparagus, broc, cucumber, tomato's and green onion

Proteins- Turkey, tuna, tilapia, cod, ny strip steak, orange roughy and chicken

Fruits- blueberries

Fats- hazelnuts, bazillion nuts, pecans, coconut oil, coconut butter, olive oil, grape seed oil

The pic above is a salad a made on the go Saturday morning. 4 handfuls of spinach with cod and coconut butter. I heated it up for about a minute so it will wilt the spinach. That way I can eat it faster:) then I topped with a handful of blueberries:)

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