Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What makes you tick...?

Have you ever asked yourself what truly makes yourself go? What makes you tick? If you don't know, then find it. Then surround your life around it. Even if it takes years to get there. Make it happen. This is what makes me go....when I get a quote like this from one of my amazing clients. Working 16-17 hour days is beyond worth every second. Thanks Kelly for sending me this....thank you for making me go:)

"I admit it. I’m NOT one of those people that jumps out of bed every day and wants to workout. I am one of those people that under estimates my ability and that gives up instead of pushing through. I’ve been working with Adrien for 8 months and yes, she is knowledgeable and creates great workouts for me. But that’s not what makes her special. What makes her special is her commitment to teaching me to push myself, to stop listening to the voice in my head that tells me I can’t and to set, achieve and celebrate goals, no matter how big or small. Yes, I’m stronger on the outside as a result of working with her, but I’m even stronger on the inside."

Kelly just finished her first half marathon this past weekend. I am so proud of you girl and how far you have come! Keep working hard...cause you KNOW I'll make sure you do;)

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