Thursday, March 10, 2011

I heart Kale! FINALLY!

I have had a rough time really liking Kale. I would force myself to eat it, even though I hated it because its soooooo good for us! I have tried to cook it many different ways many a times and it just didn't work out aka SUCKED, so I pretty much wrote it off. Well thank god I tried it again because it is rocking my WORLD! Here is the best takes no time to do. Here is my new fave recipe!


All you will need is:

Garlic infused olive oil(I pour it in my hand then try to evenly spread it)
Kale (I tear the leaves off the stems)
Sea Salt and Pepper (add after they are baked)

THEN all you do is:

Pre-Heat oven to 425. Then bake for 4-8 minutes depending on how crispy you like them! I like mine extra crispy. As you can see below!

YUMMY! Whats your fave Kale recipe?

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  1. Next time dont use your hand to coat with olive oil, use a piece of wax for me.