Thursday, November 3, 2011

Enough is ENOUGH!

This picture has nothing to do with this post. It just makes me laugh:)

Lets be honest. The fitness industry in general is one that holds constant comparison. Whether it be comparing bodies types, results, or even the type of fitness you chose to do IT IS THERE. Training in a SPECIFICALLY designed proprioceptive-enriched environment, with workouts consisting of multiple supersets of back/bi's would be a rare find for a CrossFitter in the world of CrossFit (phhhhwww I haven't talked like that in a while)......AND correct me if I'm wrong, but finding a male body builder that does kipping pull up's as a part of their normal back workout routine is likely uncommon. With that being said, when people make fun or create negative conversation about working out one way or another, it not only amazes me. IT BLOWS ME AWAY! Let's pause a second....

Before you start thinking "stop being so sensitive" let me say that this is something that has royally pissed me off for a while and WELL this is MY DAMN BLOG and I can say what I want:).....anyways back to the topic.

In my eyes if someone truly cared about people being healthy they should shut the hell up and show it. Folks if your 24 hour trainer makes fun of CrossFitters kipping and/or your CrossFit Coach makes fun of lat pull downs FIND SOMEONE ELSE to pay your hard earned money to. I'm not saying they don't care about you, BUT I will say who gives a $hit who does what and how it gets done? Is that what trainers talk about in their sessions? WOW! I mean really if you think about it...we all have the power to create a world that is happier and healthier...together. Whether that is through CrossFit, Zumba or training for the Boston Marathon it DOESN'T MATTER. I mean when did working out become an argumentative piece to be used for conversation like those of religion and politics? Do we really need more division in our world? Hell NO and especially not about something so simple as changing someones life. If you are a trainer and are reading this take my advise and read up on business ethics. Bashing a fellow competitor is the worst thing you can do in business. It only shows low character and lack of support in a community where it should be about passion and NOT about dollar bills. So the next time you decide to voluntarily create negative conversation about a body builder posing on stage in a bikini or the guy at work talking about finally getting a butterfly pull up, take a second and ask yourself what it took for them to get there. If you don't know then SHUT IT and if you do know CONGRATULATE and praise. It might not be your goal but it was THEIRS and they worked hard for it.


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