Friday, November 11, 2011

My name is Adrien....and I am an ADDICT.

I asked for a Cuisinart Ice-cream maker for my birthday this past May. My sweet sister Charlotte, who I love so much got it for me. She listens very well. Well and it's safe to say she is an ice-cream addict she definitely understood the importance of this gift. Before I go on I want to tell her how truly thankful I am that she did. I love it. A LOT.

Soooooo I used my Ice-cream maker about 5 weeks ago for the first time. Yes it took me that long. Very sad I know. This day I like to call "ice-cream wake-up call" could for sure be classified as one of the 10 happiest days of my life. I am very serious when I say this. LIFE CHANGING. Almost too life changing. I feel like I should buy stock in canned coconut milk because I make this $hit so much. The words "so much" is actually generous. "All the time" is way more like it. I would be lying if I didn't say so.

So here is the thing. There are definitely some positives to the start of my new relationship with Paleo Homemade Coconut Ice-cream. 1st....I really don't ever want regular ice-cream again. I am completely serious when I say I don't miss regular ice-cream at all. Thank heavens. 2nd... you can really make any flavor you want. Like REALLY!'s so damn easy AND I feel awesomely accomplished after I make it. Something about making homemade ice-cream makes you feel all professional and chef like...or at least it does for me;)

You might be asking this blog is really all about ice-cream? Is she serious? Well...yes yes I am. I am writing this to tell all of you that I am officially ADDICTED to PALEO ICE-CREAM, and that it is time I GAIN control! I have always told my clients time and time again..."TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING CAN STILL BE TOO MUCH"...and well I am here to tell you, I have fallen in the "It's Paleo so it's healthy" trap and I can't seem to climb my way out. And to be honest I like this trap. It makes me happy and SMILE. Well that will stop now....well after I make it tonight and maybe Sunday... But after that!!! ....NO MORE for 14 days......Can I do it? YES I CAN and I WILL! So we are all on the same page though let's make sure to notate that my 14 days start on Monday. I will be having a weekend with my coconut milk and ice-cream maker and then after that I have to learn to live without it. Well for 14 days that is:) ....


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