Monday, December 12, 2011

A Brand....A Family.

Yesterday Landon and I went to take and update our CrossFit Level 1 certification. Of course we were rocking our CFRR Gear. Not only because it's SOFT AS HELL but mostly because we are proud of CFRR. We are proud of our FAMILY. As we were leaving one of the CrossFit HQ Trainers asked us what our logo was. He knew what it was..another local affiliate but he knew he had seen it. Basically his words were "Hey I saw that a lot today..or I mean I've seen that on your shirt. CFRR. What...where is that?" We were kind of taken back. Mostly because he sees CrossFit Brands from all over at certifications and he was asking about CFRR. Not because everyone was wearing it, because he saw it and recognized it. He recognized the CFRR logo...the CFRR brand. It took a few hours for it to actually set in. That CFRR is a Brand. A Family Brand...WOW. When Landon and I set out to open a CrossFit gym this was a HUGE goal for us. To create a Family brand. Something that people would be proud to wear and others would recognize it. Point it out and realize what CrossFit and Family is all about. Landon and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you to everyone for supporting CFRR and for being apart of our BIG little family:)

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