Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Tri Pod of SUPPORT...

sup·port/səˈpôrt/- To bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.

This time last year I was asked a question from a random presenter "What do you want right life" Whoaaaaa that's one serious question. There are so many things to come to ones head....vacation, engagement ring (hint hint HA had to do it) a big gym, awesome coaches, healthy and happy family the list could go on for days. But I took that one step further. What is something that I really need in my life to even have the ability to want these things? Meaning...sometimes you can't get the things you really want unless you dig deep and find the sole reason why it hasn't happened. With lots of thinking and searching....finally what came to mind was balance. Balance through support. What we like to call now "A TEAM". A group of people who care for each other. A group of people that I can be myself around and they don't judge me. They motivate me when I am at my lowest and believe in me when I can't seem to believe in myself. They respect me when I have to be "The bad cop" and all the while still having the ability to put me in my place. They believe in CFRR..They support me through it all. They are My Tri-pod of Support. Landon aka "babe", Mark "aka Marcus" and Aggie aka "Queso" soorrrrrry hadddd to do it! ....I am truly grateful to have such a support system as all of you. Thank you for supporting me, believing in me and most of all DEALING WITH MY bossy ass:) I don't say it enough....THANK YOU. Here is to 2012....300 HUNDO.