Friday, January 27, 2012

Attitude reflects LEADERSHIP.....

There will always one undeniable truth. You are only a true leader if you practice what you preach. You can't fluctuate and there are NO EXCUSES. Negativity is contagious so LEAD from the FRONT. Leaders don't  have a rough days, they have rewarding days of truth. Leaders find self motivation without counting on others. Leaders need little recognition. They know how to recognize thy self through invisible pats on the back. True Leaders don't count how many hours a week they have worked....Others COUNT ON THEM for a consistent path of positivity. Every day it's your choice to lay that path....the path of Leader.

I choose to lay that path....I choose to be A LEADER. 


  1. Thank you for posting this Adrien. I needed this wake up call! As a Noncommissioned Officer in the Army I am supposed to embody the things you write about. Reading this has allowed me to realize I have fallen short as a leader. So thank you for reminding me of my duties. I promise to you to do a better job in the future. :)

  2. Wake up calls are awesome aren't they:) Thats why we all have each other! I am sure you will give me one one day too:)