Friday, January 20, 2012

Natural Born Leader...

"Leaders aren't born, they are made."
"Leaders are born, not made."

There are so many different opinions when it comes to these 2 quotes/sayings above. But let's all be honest...some people are just down right born to Lead. PERIOD. This might take them a while to figure out, which is perfectly normal, but in my opinion this is where a NATURAL BORN Leader CAN BE MADE into the Leader they were designed to become.

An example of this type of person, a NATURAL BORN Leader at CFRR is Landon. To be honest, in my eyes, he is naturally born to LEAD even more than myself. Why? Because  look up to Landon.  I  look up to him as athlete, a coach and most of all a positive role model to others. He has molded me into to person I want to be. The best personal trainer and coach I can be. His want to succeed makes the want and NEED for myself and CFRR to succeed even greater. He has the overwhelming way to positivity motivate others with ease and his love for helping others is such a truly powerful gift....a gift that can't be taught. Landon is the metal and the screws that holds CFRR together. He is and always will be the crucial piece to complete the CFRR puzzle...the piece that makes us who we are. UNSTOPPABLE. He is the positive energy that is CFRR and CFRR would be NOTHING without him. Landon is CFRR.

Babes.....I know I don't say it enough, BUT I should everyday....THANK YOU for all you do. THANK YOU for being you. CFRR is where it is because of YOU and your gift of being the NATURAL BORN Leader that you are. I love you!

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