Thursday, January 12, 2012

Do you really EAT CLEAN?

The picture above was taken 2 years ago in March. I was in my eyes "eating clean". This meant staying pretty Paleo on the weekdays and then eating at least 2-3 non-paleo treats on the weekends. These treats were ALWAYS gluten free but were full of dairy and grains. Marble slab, gluten free pizza, kettle cooked potato chips, Kerby Lane...the list goes on. I over ate big time and used the whole excuse of being SOOOOO GOOOOD all week that I deserved it. Not the case at all. Below is a picture taken this morning in my house (yes those are my dogs, they follow me everywhere!).

I would have never taken a picture like this and posted it 2 years ago. When I went to take this pic this morning I had no intentions of posting it. I actually was taking it because these past few days I have found myself questioning the way I have been eating these past 6 weeks. I have been eating bananas, drinking coconut water, tearing through sweet potatoes and even consuming 1/2 cup a rice a day. I used to think I was eating clean by eating none of the items above (they weren't Paleo which to me was bad) and instead I ate like CRAP on the weekends. YES CRAP. Just because it's gluten free doesn't mean it is CLEAN! Right now if I eat something with heavy grains from corn, white potato and/or dairy I keep it to a minimum. A gluten free pizza happens maybe once every 3 months. It's mind blowing how I use to frown upon sweet potatoes and bananas but chowed down on pizza and marble slab. I am proud of the way I look... for real for real....for the first time in my life:)