Friday, March 9, 2012

Entrpreneur Devotion Starts Young....

When I was young all I wanted was to be was successful. Not in school or in sports. I could care less about National Junior Honor Society and being "the best" free throw shooter. Not because I thought all of the above was stupid or pointless, because it just didn't interest me. I want to work and learn about working. It is really all I wanted to do. I couldn't wait to. I Got a job at 15 years old because I wanted to...not because I had to. I dreamed big mature adult dreams and couldn't wait to make those dreams happen. Age was but a number and the possibilities were endless! I never wanted to "be a millionaire", I just wanted to be successful and be known for that. Own my own business and help others. The bottom line was...I was devoted to making that happen. Devoted to making my dreams become a reality. Entrepreneurs are born this way, with a different mind set, a different drive and ability to really dig deep in finding a way to accomplish everything you want and getting there. PERIOD. Learning all you can learn. Asking questions that no one wants to ask. Ready to face the fear of failure and rejection.

Check out the video below of the "Apprentice Creator" as they call this little boy who is 8 years old. He walks around handing out business cards that say....

" Specializing in everything I can learn with interest in almost anything you can teach me" is what it says on his business card that he walks around handing people. This along with his email and phone number to send information and knowledge you might want to send his way. Pretty damn cool right? Check it out.

THIS to me is not only AWESOME it's super cool. It really shows that the Entrepreneur mindset is something that can not be taught. You are born this way. But the ones that have true DEVOTION are the ones who use that to their benefit and in turn, become truly successful.

 How Devoted are you to what you REALLY want to achieve? Are you reading books? Are you attending seminars? Are you investing in YOU?

If you aren't YOU SHOULD. Life is too wait. #bedevoted

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