Friday, March 30, 2012


There are people that come in an out of your lives and as you get older it seems you learn more and more what a REAL friend is. Someone who wants you to succeed and believes in you so much there is no excuse but to do just that....succeed. Have you ever had someone like that in your life? Whether it be business or personal...Have you?

I have lived my life being that someone for a lot of people and as time went by and CFRR grew bigger and bigger I knew it was time to look into finding someone who could help me and believed in me. Sometimes we all need that someone. That someone for me was my friend and now Life Coach Aly Willier. Most of you know her as Aly of RXStar or as Landon calls her "THE RXstar", her number is even saved like that in his phone:)

Aly and I met last year for the first time at The CrossFit Games(pictured above), and I tell you what, we hit it off right away. Same mindsets....same drives...and absolutely loved empowering others. NOT because we wanted to make money....because we really cared and had that passion. I didn't know at that time what that friendship would grow to and that she would become someTHING I call "A LIFE CHANGER". This doesn't have to be someONE it could even be someTHING. It's like paying $1,000 for a business seminar, being frustrated that you weren't getting anything out of it and then BOOM. It could be one sentence, one illustration, even an interaction that would change your life forever.  

That relationship has grown a lot in the last 6 months, she is not only my friend but my LIFE COACH. To some of you that might sound stupid but it was one of the best investments Landon and I have ever made. Not just on a the business side for CFRR but for ourselves and our relationship. She has really changed our lives. THANK YOU Aly for your overwhelming open heart and mind. Thank you for taking the time to grow CFRR, The A-Team, Landon and for making me a more Confident Leader and WOMAN. You have done nothing but believe in me and I CAN'T THANK YOU enough for all the calls, emails and motivation. Aly, you have impacted me and made me the WOMEN I never thought possible. YOU ARE TRULY an amazing person and someone in my life that I consider a irreplaceable gift. MY LIFE CHANGER :)

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