Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Positive Polly....Hakuna Matata

 Hakuna Matata- in Swahili, it means "no worries" or "here-there-are-no concerns." 


Positivity is something we all struggle with on a daily basis. Everyone has problems, trials and tribulations that they face. While some of us choose to plow through that barrier and turn their frown upside down, others let that feeling of doubt, worry and negativity take over. Although we aren't perfect, I think it is important to always practice positive thinking even in the most negative of situations. 

As a leader I really have no choice but to be "Positive Polly" no matter what is going on. Do I have negative days? Hell yeah I do....who doesn't right? I was doing some thinking leading up to this blog post and realized most, if not all, of my negativity or negative thoughts with myself always come from one thing. WORRY. Why? Because I let it....that's why.

I took a trip last year to New York and saw The Lion King. As corny as it sounds this was an AH-HA moment in life for me. I've heard Hakuna Matata 30 thousand times (yea that many)...I knew all the words (I am starting to sound really cool ha) but I guess I had never truly listened to the words and tried to understand the point they were trying to get across. All the sudden here I am, 28 years old and it all made since. I wish someone could have had a camera to take a picture of my face. I know what you must be thinking...how stupid could she be, to not know what they were talking about? Well here's the thing...I did hear what they were singing/saying but I never really related it back to me, to my life. As a child what used to just be a song from the Lion King is now something that I will do my best to  to make an everyday part of my life. No worries. Life is too short to worry all the time. Remain positive and when in doubt just remember....... Hakuna Matata!

Wishing YOU no worries....for the rest of your days:)


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