Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Life is too short!

My mother has always told me that things came in 3's...well after these last 6 days I would have to say they come in 10's!!!! I have tried my best to block out all the negative things that have happened but as they keep coming its hard to ignore.

This morning I received a text from one of my close friends Brenda. She saw my most recent post on Facebook in regards to the punk who ran into me. I had just found out that not only was he not insured but was claiming it was my fault and that he was injured. I was BLOWN AWAY! I mean really!!! I was so bummed out that someone would even stoop to this low of a level. I guess I like living in my perfect little world that people are nice and care for one another! HA! Shame on me ;)

Anyways in the text she had told me of an instance a while back when in the same weekend her car was broken into and she was rear-ended. She had to pay two deductibles and home insurance for theft. Can you imagine?! What she sent after was what hit me hard...she sent...

 "BUT I just thought .....at least my life is so much better than the man who had to brake into my car!"

So true right!? What a great way to turn such a negative moment into a positive. You just have to brush it off and put yourself in that positive mindset. I have that choice and life is too damn short! I chose to be positive and reflect on how amazing my life is even when it isn't going as planned.

Thanks B for that text...it helped me so much! 

Positive Polly....Hakuna Matata :))

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