Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Traveling Tips!!

Traveling can be just one of those things people use to eat like crap. I can say that because well, I used to be one of those people! I just recently went to Vegas and it was the least stressful trip as far as food goes which means I've got this $hit down to an art now. I'm pretty pumped about it and hey, it's only taken a few couple years;)

I wanted to share a few tips with all of you that have led me to feeling great and looking great even on vacation!

Tip #1- Vacation is not an excuse to eat crap! Mentally everyone gets in this kind of mindset so they immediately set themselves up for failure! This is the first way to sabotage your vacation. Why spend all that money to feel lethargic and bloated? Not worth it! It's just food!!! Spoil your self with keeping the butter on your steak and adding extra goat cheese on your salad. Fried food and breads galore will only make you feel like death!

Tip #2- Pack snacks! You never know what can happen and it's better to reach for a Lara bar and tuna packet then finding an excuse to eat junk. If you bring it you will most likely eat it out of guilt but hey it works:) Save your money on a nice dinner! (yes that is a flask...Vegas is expensive people!)

Tip #3- Don't be afraid to ask for a gluten free or healthier menu options. You would be surprise what you find out! Sunday night we were running behind for a show in Vegas and I had to scramble. Eating my packet of tuna wasn't going to be enough to carry me through the night so I had to think quick. There was a food court in the Venetian and i asked the manager of a burger joint if he could cook a patty without added seasoning except salt and pepper and he could! I added lettuce, tomato and avocado for some added tummy fullness and it was delish!

Tip #4- Double up on your probiotics and bring digestive enzymes!!  I use Ortho Molecular for both my probiotic and digestive enzymes. I highly recommend these products on a regular basis but on vacation it will make or break your trip! I usually take 3 probiotics before before bed and 2 Digestzyme before every meal while traveling.

WHY Digestive enzymes help?- There are many factors that can effect how our bodies digest certain foods including inefficiencies in the pH of our stomachs and decreased production of digestive enzymes. Additional supplementary support may be needed to meet some of the requirements needed for proper digestion. Supplementation with digestive aids can provide the needed digestive enzymes and pH balancing needed for proper digestion. 

Tip 54- Give yourself 1 big treat and wait for it! My Big treat was The Fountain Buffet at the Jasmine in The Bellagio. I ate clean leading up to this and saved most of my belly for the desert ROOM...yes you read right. ROOM! It was fabulous and well worth it. Once I was done I was completely satisfied:) The Chefs walked me through the entire buffet letting me know what I could and couldn't eat. Gluten free in Vegas is easy if you just ask:) I highly recommend this Buffet. It is pricey but well worth it. So beautiful and your view is the gorgeous Bellagio dancing fountains!

All in all it was a Fabulous trip and we
had a blast!! I enjoyed spending lots of time with my beautiful baby sister. We
don't get much time together so it was perfect:)

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