Thursday, May 31, 2012

My must have's!!!!

There are many things I use/need each week to keep my lifestyle choice of nutrition on track. They are the "little things" that make me smile and some things that just keep things easy. I believe in leading from the front with fitness. It is my job and I live the lifestyle because I BELIEVE in the lifestyle. I don't DIET. I eat this way year round and I FEEL DAMN good. I hope this helps some of you as you try to make this lifestyle change too! Shoot me an email if you have any questions! Enjoy:)   

1. Tuna in olive oil ONLY. This is a must have for me. I carry these with me everywhere as a back up. I have learned to many times the hard way and eating of track and/or trusting in someones  food only leads to one UN happy girl. Make sure if you eat StarKist tuna to only grab for this kind. The rest are full of gluten and soy:)

2. Avocado Saver. Praise the Lord for this little guy! I usually don't consume a whole avocado and with how dang expensive those buggers having to throw them out just plain stinks. This is a great way to save some change and have an easy to grab fat ready.

 3. Veggie Chips. I am obsessed with these (hence the 100 calorie packs). When I am really craving that chip crunch I grab for these. Are they as good as Kettle Cooked chips? HELL NO but they work;) sometimes it's all about tricking the mind. Food is a drug and as like as you treat it as one then you will realize when and where you can and can't splurge. I know that if I eat these I will feel fit and healthy where as when I tear through some kettles or tortilla chips I feel no bueno. It's all a matter of how good you want to feel:) 

4.Apple Gate Farms Hot Dogs. I use these as my weekend treat! Look forward to them every week wrapped in lettuce topped with Ketchup, Wholy Guacamole, a slice of turkey bacon and a Claussen sliced pickle. It might now sound like a treat to you  but it makes this girl smile:)

5. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. This is one of my favorite things! I really try and stay as clean as possible with my treats. Using this ice cream maker has been such a game changer for me and has given me the ability to enjoy a seriously delish treat while staying as clean as possible. There are so many yummy coconut ice cream recipes that to me now taste better than even your top of the line ice-cream! 

6. Enjoy Life Mega Chunks. I am a sweets addict. I can't live without my sweets!!! I keep these guys in the freezer and grab a handful after dinner. It really helps me stay on track and not binge on sweets when they are put in front of me. I have found that when I allow myself to have things like this when I want it, I won't binge on them on the weekends or at special events.

What are you must have's?!?!


  1. What a great list :) PS- I love to take coconut milk and blend with frozen, unsweetened fruit for a quick, easy and healthy "ice cream". Just blend and add a dab of sweetener and you're set :) Love the Enjoy Life Chips/chunks too...never thought to put them in freezer! Good idea :)

  2. Yummmmm!! Thanks girlie! I am totally trying that:))