Friday, June 22, 2012

Dinner ahhh laaaa Me and Landon:)

Landon and I really have been trying to switch things up on the weekends when it comes to our food while trying to eat out less. Not only do we save money but we get to experiment on new ways of making the same
of thing taste better! It also keeps us on track while also making us feel like we are treating ourselves:)

This past weekend just getting over Strep had me in some serious need of protein protein and more protein! We only had a few ingredients and we didn't want to make it complicated, so here is what we came up with:)

We came up with Green Chile Avocado Burgers. Super EASY and super YUMMY.  For the "stuffing" all we did was take cans of green chiles and mash up avocado mix together seasoned it up with sea salt and pepper. Then Landon pounded out thin similar sized patties (they have to be thin, you will combining 2 of them). Then put the mixture in the middle, placed another patty on top then sealed it up all the way around nice and tight. Last step....grill those bad boys. I'm telling delish!

What is your fave go to Weekend Recipe?

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