Friday, June 29, 2012

Time for a CHANGE!

Landon and I FINALLY painted our disgusting terracotta and yellow colored bedroom. For a year and a half  I have wanted a relaxing bedroom to come home to. SO when putting my vision board together I knew this was something of TOP priority! I mean if I didn't put it on there I probably wouldn't be even writing this blog!The power of a vision can go a long way:)) We have spent so much time at/on CFRR that we have never been able to focus on our home. It's time we have a relaxing and put together home to invite our friends and family over to. I have never been so ready to spend some time getting creative and watch my dream room come to life. The first step was getting rid of the dreadful color that made me and Landon feel no need to even decorate our bedroom. When I say dreadful... it WAS. I don't have any pics because I hated taking pictures in there, so to give you an idea of what we call the Dreadful Terracotta Lemon...see below.

 You see what I mean;)....TERRIBLE! Anyways.... here is the new color! Steel Grey. I feel like Landon was sold on the word "steel" hahahaha and thank goodness he was. LOVE LOVE how it turned out. Couldn't be more pleased with our choice. Given we were first time paint pickers we had some concern. We did good:)

The picture below I found on Pinterest and it is what I am going to try and create in our room. Minus the wood floors of course...we rent so there is no point in investing:) Isn't it purty!!! So simple and romantic. I just love it.

I am in process of finding a chandelier on Craigslist to sand and spray paint white for a nice shabby chic look. My goal is to try and do most of it myself to save money and also bring out the creative side in me that I know is just waiting to come out. I love creative projects and I have let that part of me go in the aspect of our own home. The last 5 years of my life have just been of different focus and I am excited to make this change and create a peaceful and relaxing place for Me, Landon and our farm:)). I am committed and determined! TIME TO GET CREATIVE!!! Stay tuned for updates:)

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