Friday, July 27, 2012

You the man Bob!!

So many people come in and out of lives as Adults. I have found that as we age more and more of these people aren't always going to have you and your true interest and worth at heart. "That's just life" as my father would say. Well that's so right.

When I met Bob he was a runner and martial arts expert looking to take on the sport of CrossFit. He started by enrolling in CFRR's group classes and hit tons of Challenges. He has the heart of a lion and a passion that just can't be taught. When we decided to PT it was a commitment for both of us and we were ready for the journey ahead. Each week we are working together to lay the proper foundation to leaving a long and healthy life. Bob owns multiple business's and is a traveling man. Our latest focus has been working hard on not just on his body but on his mind and staying GLUTEN FREE. Traveling isn't easy and then you throw GLUTEN into the mix and its a whole other ball game! It is exhausting both mentally and physically for anyone who is making this lifestyle change alone. Accountability is necessary and Bob welcomes it with open arms. Together we both know anything can be achieved with hard work and commitment. Small baby steps towards the ultimate goal of FIT FOR LIFE is the path we are taking.

Great work Bob! I am truly honored to be your Trainer:)


  1. What a nice surprise....Thanks Adrien! You have been and continue to be a big help. I thoroughly enjoy working out with you and the many friends I have made at CFRR. You , Landon and the rest of the coaches are truly inspiring and incredibly supportive. I am looking forward to the next three months. I feel BIG changes in the air. ...Bob

  2. I am still scared of V's workouts though! ...just kiddingggg...kinda....;)

  3. Haha... Bob, you've survived all my workouts.. :)~ Love having you in class. You are a true inspiration to us all..