Friday, August 3, 2012

No THANK you Anthos.

CrossFit Affiliates are small business owners made up of men, women, and families dedicated to changing the lives of their members and their communities. We are now a global community built on principles of a free market and protected through an affiliation model we hold dear.

If 50% of CrossFit gets turned over to a venture capital firm the way of life for thousands of us is in jeopardy. Maybe not immediately, but the door would be permanently opened. If 50% of CrossFit is owned by a corporation whose end game is profit and "return on investment" we will have lost something critical.

Please do not sell to Anthos. Sell to us, the affiliates, or to Greg Glassman but please do not sell to Anthos.

Money is not all that matters and the men and women holding ownership of CrossFit have to maintain that. Countless times have we sacrificed a paycheck from our gyms to allow a member to keep coming during their times of need, or because we wanted to improve our equipment for our members to have better gear to use, or because we wanted to keep the lights on for one more hour of class.

This petition is not a threat or a bullying tactic. It's just our way of saying we love CrossFit and our way to speak up with a hope that you will listen.

Thank you.

To sign the petition click below.  

Lauren Jenai Glassman: Please do not sell your 50% stake of CrossFit to Anthos

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