Friday, August 24, 2012

Proud Coach:)

I have had the pleasure of training these 2 beautiful ladies above Lizzy and Madeleine for about 2 months. Yesterday was a special day for me, as they showed up to our session with smiles from ear to ear....They both made the volleyball team! Yayyyyyy!!! Soooooo exciting! It's funny how I found myself nervous the few days before their tryouts as if they were my own children!!!  Had trouble sleeping and just couldn't stop thinking about it. I knew they had what it takes, I just didn't want them to feel like they had failed if they didn't make it. Trying out was winning in my book:) We all talked about it and decided to look at this as a learning experience going in and whatever happened they would still be proud of themselves. They Showed up with confidence and trust that they had put the work in and tore it up! All the footwork drills and power drills had paid off and it was awesome for them to see their hard work pay off. Their confidence is at an all time high,  and watching them get stronger and faster each week has been priceless. I am so proud of these 2 ladies for all their hard work! Can't wait to be there cheering you in the stands Ladies!!! I will always be your biggest fan:) XOXO.

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