Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Adios Diet...HELLO Lifestyle!

Jenn and I have been personal training since 2007. She was one of my very first clients and has stuck by my side and jumped around with me through my crazy journey as a personal trainer and now gym owner. Training someone like Jennifer is truly a treat. She has always been ready for a challenge since day one. She has always trusted in me and supported me 100% no matter what. Losing 40 pounds together is a huge accomplishment! But keeping it OFF is what is INSPIRING!! I have said it before and I will say it again...loosing the weight is half the battle, keeping it off is the other half! Jenn realizes that accountability through fitness is a necessity for her busy work life. She also is no longer a dieter. She chooses to live a healthy lifestyle. PERIOD.

Working out and proper nutrition are a priority to her and many look up to her for her commitment to her new found lifestyle. There are times when working out just seems like it isn't an option, but with our no excuses mentality, we ALWAYS make it happen. Whether it be getting something in fast and/or or a simple text to her of an at home WOD. Sending in her food and following up with me on nutrition is very important and we re-visit this constantly. It is easy to slip back into the old habits and we are not ever letting that happen. FIT FOR LIFE!

Jenn knows what I expect of her and that to me living a healthy life is just that...a lifestyle. I take pride in my work and she knows that. I am 100% devoted to her success as my client as she 100% devoted to me as her guidance and support system. I have and always will do anything and everything to make sure she is the healthiest, fittest and happiest she can be! She is someone that will be in my life forever and means so much to me. Jenn, thank you for all your constant support and for being my client, friend and someone I can count on. You are very special person and deserve nothing but the best! You are truly inspiring to so many!

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