Wednesday, October 3, 2012

6 years and it's More Than a Balcony....

3 years ago Landon and I decided to go to San Antonio for our Anniversary. Although its not that far away, we really enjoy the small vacation it provides. One reason we started going to San Antonio was because the exact date of our anniversary is a bit questionable. Yes I know....only us:). According to me (which of course is right) Nov 1st is the big day and according to LA, Nov 2nd is the correct day. So does this mean I get 2 presets!? Hahaha just kidding. Every year its the same convo...

Adrien (PS this happened last night) "Hey babe, when is our anniversary again?"
Landon "'s the Second!"
Adrien "Um no it's not, it's the first..."
Landon "Oh well I thought it was the second. So it's the first?" (So sweet to just give it to me)

This is literally the same conversation every year and it cracks me up! Although we are so different and our lives our so different...we are still the same LA and Age. I can't believe it is already time to make that trip to SA again, a year has flown by.

Let me start first by saying I one of those hopeless romantics. Although most of you see hard core, to the point, business Adrien...I am very much a softy....and love being in love with Landon!!! I am very proud of our 6 years....we have been through a lot...and are now stronger than ever.

On with the story....

Last year one night after dinner, we were sitting on the Riverwalk and I saw a cute little couple sitting on their balcony just them. Of course the first thing that came to my mind is "How cool! But I could never justify spending that!" Of course Landon calculated it and it made my frugal self realize it wasn't much more than the amazing but average hotel we were already staying in. Then and there we said "Next year...we will get a balcony".... Last night as we were looking for rooms, not gonna lie...I was so ready to back out of the balcony...but I replayed that night we had last year in my head and couldn't imagine skipping on the balcony!! Ok ok I know what your thinking's just a balcony in a room that your barely in. What's the big deal? Well for is. It's our gift to each other and an even more the reason to stay in the room and enjoy each others company, JUST US. We don't get much time alone and sitting on the balcony over looking the river with a bottle of wine, the breeze and massive trees pouring over us sounds beyond amazing. Not to mention it just US...LA and Age.

Although it might be just a balcony to us it's way more. Just when you think you can't love someone anymore...a year goes by and shows you otherwise. I'm so excited to spend 6 years with you babes on our balcony...just like we said we would. Just US:)

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