Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The smallest things....go such a long way.


Today I checked my email and something below was forwarded to me from the Info email for CrossFit Round Rock. Although it is very short, it brought immediate tears to my eyes and I couldn't be more blown away. This unexpected email/letter....will be forever special to me. Wendy is more than just a client to me. She is my friend, my family and a mentor in life. She doesn't use the computer much so her taking the time to write this is so special. I love you Wendy...thank you for making me always smile when I am sad and for giving me the opportunity to work with you. You changed my life in more ways than one....so I guess you could say....we are even:) 
To CrossFit Round Rock, 

I met Adrien on a stationary bike, I don't believe it was even on,  going nowhere in the fall of '07.
I immediately lost 6 inches and thanks to Adrien I vowed to never put them back!!
I trained with Adrien thru many of life's obstacles…
I reached my goal of putting my pants on and she opened her own gym!!
I lost my mother to colon cancer on 10-10-10. I was her full time caregiver, so myself was not priority.
Adrien never gave up on pulling me back in the gym and checking on me.
I felt hollow, weak, and numb…
Adrien promised to take it easy on me, she didn't and I thank you.
Life has gotten busy, but I think of you often and love you!!
Your friend always,
Wendy S

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