Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sprinkles & Bacon

Meet Sprinkles and Bacon. I have the awesome opportunity to Coach these 2 athletes above each and every week now at CFRR. Chris aka Sprinkles (left) and Jonathan aka Bacon (right) both take OlyWOD and COMP-RX at CFRR. They are not only COACH-ABLE they are a blast to to have in class. Both of them have the want and desire to get better at the Sport of CrossFit and it truly shows. They are now on week 2 of the #REBORN Challenge and have one goal at hand...BE UNSTOPPABLE. So much goes into play when wanting to be the CrossFit Athlete you can be and these 2 are taking the necessary steps to go from good to GREAT. From proper nutrition and mobility to before bed stabilization and core workouts, these guys give me no excuses. They say OK...and get $hit done. Every task I give them they complete with 100% want and desire to get better. They know what it takes and they are willing to sacrifice to get there. In the competitive CrossFit World you can't just work on the Fun stuff..... oly, strength and fast burning metcon WOD's. You have to make time for the not so fun stuff too and lots of sacrifice is involved both financially and in your personal life. These guys plow through every excuses and truly are an example of someone who doesn't just say they want to get better as a CrossFit Athlete...they have a mission and a passion to. I am so honored to be Coaching both of you and look forward to what 2013 will bring. The sky is the LIMIT for Sprinkles and stopping this dynamic duo.  

Check out this video...thought of you guys when I watched it. Fun but willing to put in the work! #mentaltoughness  #gohard  #UNSTOPPABLE

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