Friday, October 18, 2013

Strength & Light.

A few things happened in my workout this friday evening... 

1. Did a decent warm-up, even when pressed for time and people were waiting on me. 

2. I worked out with my fiancé, and actually did the same movements as him, no arguing about what "gimp Age" couldn't do:)!

3. Worked out with my best fran, non gimp style #boom

4. I power snatched in a WOD. 

5. I DID A WOD! 

6. I didn't worry about the time. 

6. Used MY axle bars for the FIRST time (we've owned those since June) 

7. I rolled out after my WOD. 

Not going to lie... using a 25# axle bar was a HUGE shot to my "oly coach" ego and it wasn't easy (thanks Aggie for being all mom on me). I mean I can snatch a hell of a lot more weight than an unloaded axle bar BUT how would I feel AND heal after? That's the hard part of coming back from an injury.... not knowing. So what do you do? You take baby steps. You surrond yourself with people who care so much about you that they lift you up and make you feel positive with what was just accomplised... Even when you feel like it was nothing. So much that they make you sit and think about what really just happened, and how awesome it really is! Although I wanted to be able to RX the weight and gosh how I wanted to full snatch that damn axle bar, its just not worth it.  6 months ago I wasn't working out with some of my favorite people and well NOW I AM. 6 months ago... Hell 2 years ago, you wouldn't have found me warming up on a Friday night (my longest day of the week) when I was tired and just ready to get my WOD in....And you sure as hell wouldn't have seen me take time FOR ME to sit down and roll out while chatting it up post WOD, like athletes do all the time at my gym. No way. Too much to do. Never enough time. Blah blah blah.... Well guess what this injury taught me.... there is time... I have new patience and understanding for me and CrossFit. I believe I have what it takes... I believe in what I preach and I am grateful for everything this injury has taught. Although its been one of the hardest lessons to learn... It has been one of the best to learn from. 

I am grateful for the man upstairs for allowing me to live, learn and grow while falling in love with the sport of CrossFit all over again with new vision and light. 

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