Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Squat Cycle Tips!!

For those of you who are in my Oly classes currently, you already know my excitement and intensity surrounding the fact we started Coach B's 12 week hatch squat cycle this week! For those that didn't.... Now you know ;) Sooooo If you hear any form of yelling, grunting or growling during these classes.... Just know that's all part of the process. I not only expect it.... I condone it:).... I mean it only makes squatting all the more fun! Well...that and booty bouncers radio on Pandora! HAHAHA ...but really:)

I realize I only have enough time to do so much in class, so I have decided to blog every week in regards to tips that can help everyone squatting throughout our 12 week cycle. ALSO, These tips will help more than just your squat, so feel free to use them in all your classes at CFRR! Even if you aren't currently enrolled in my Oly class, You can bet your A$$ (sorry couldn't resist) it will transfer over to every lift or exercise you do....GUARANTEED! So DO IT!

***These tips are in regards to building a stronger squat, not squatting for optimal leg muscle development. Of course it's important how awesomely tone all your legs are, but for me, the importance lies in getting your legs strong as $h!t in the safest and most practical way for your body type :)

Tip #1 ....Stance! 

Finding your perfect stance can effect you in many ways. Your ability to create appropriate posture for your specific body type and past injury history is key. No one person is the same! Here is some criteria I found from that I really found helpful. It really allows you to see the importance of the different squatting stances for each body type!

If you have shoulder issues, choose a medium to wide grip.
If you have a short back, choose a medium to wide stance.
If you have a long torso, choose a medium stance (the longer the torso, the closer the stance).
If you have long legs and a long back, choose a close to medium stance.
If you have long legs and a short back, congratulations. You can squat any way you want.
If you're using gear (belt), obviously a wider stance is best as the gear supports the hips.

If you are not sure where you fall, I would love to help you find your close to perfect squat stance (perfect is unattainable with our bodies), which could take some time to even find. If you aren't in Oly and are interested in finding this out shoot me an email! I will find time to help you:). It is something that is for sure worth taking the time to play around with and could make all the difference in your squat and many other lifts! Until next time...Happy Squatting :)

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