Friday, July 26, 2013


The love of my life will be competing for the first time post bicep surgery tonight. Unfortunately I won't be there to cheer him on, which we all know is what this Coach at heart loves to do more than anything...especially when it's her babes. Its hard to be away but I know he will have the support of his best friend and partner Chris Bona (#winning) and the amazing crew at CFRR. We are truly blessed. 

The last 8.5 months leading up to this has been a wild and crazy ride. Watching him grow into the athlete and coach he was born to be has been inspiring and hard all wraped up in one. I mean lets be honest, no one enjoys watching someone they love more than anything go through a life changing situation like this was for Landon. 

 I truly believe everthing happens for a reason and although he obviously would never want to relive any of this over again, I know deep down he knows through all the tears, struggle and now all of the triumphs he's a better man in all aspects of his life. TRULY REBORN. 

I am so proud of you babes and how far you have come. It's been a scary journey back (for me more than you hahaha) but I know you are in such an amazing place and have such an amazing strength to overcome what many thought wasn't possible. Love you babes:) Have fun doing what you love most babes.

 You are CrossFit and will always be... #reborn. 

PS--- Janna Bona you better video! 

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