Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Keep THY Head NEUTRAL!!!

Head position while squatting.... This is SO IMPORTANT! Whether you are squatting with a $hit ton of weight or doing body weight squats, proper attention to technique is key. 

Head positioning plays a major role in  keeping your spine aligned properly and aids in helping your shoulders stay back during a squat (deadlift, OHS etc.). If your spinal alignment is off, this makes the squat a very dangerous exercise, especially when you are using a $hit ton of weight:) 

So what do we do? KEEP the head NEUTRAL. That means look straight ahead or even better, slightly down during your squat. Try to imagine holding a softball under your chin while you squat... that will give you a great idea of how your head positioning should feel. This "feeling" of alignment provides the required stability necessary .  When you find yourself staring at the ceiling, your muscles cannot maintain it’s proper stability and you are asking for possible injury to happen, and that's not what we want! Take some time in class to test this with a PVC or at home even with a broom stick. Put a PVC/ broomstick across your shoulders.  Squat down and look up at the ceiling. Stand up out of the squat with your head this way. How does it feel... take note! Now try the same thing while keeping your head neutral or looking slightly down at an angle. It will feel a little easier to squat and as you get used to it you will be able to squat deeper easier while keeping that chest to the sky. This might feel weird at first, but you will get used to it and will be on the path to some serious PR's and your risk for injury will decreases significantly! I mean that's not a bad trade right? Happy Squatting:) 


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