Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coaches turn it OFF ....SAY WHAT?!

Leaving CFRR closed down for an entire week isn't something that makes me jump up and down, screaming out loud yipppiiiieee jumping with excitement.... Hahahaha ....It actually gives me severe anxiety and stresses me the F - OUT every time we do! This is the 3rd coaches trip and every year the "Adrien freak out"  is inevitable :)  That being said .... Every time (so far) I come back learning and growing personally all on top of being refreshed and rejuvenated! Yes, there is a lot of business growth to be missed out on in 5 days of being closed ... but some thing's just have to be done.... And this is one of those things. It really makes CFRR a better place and business in SO many ways! Now that's just how much it helps me. I don't want to speak for the rest of the team, but I think they might agree in their own way as well. 

It's really more than just a vacation .... and to be truthful.... it's really just hard to explain. I think sometimes as Coaches we never talk about how much we devote our time and lives to others. People know we do that and all...but until you are truly in that role.... you don't really "GET IT". That might be because we don't talk about it much. Mostly because we don't want to sound like we are bitching (because we aren't we love our jobs) or tooting our own horns on how much "life changing" we do etc. It is honestly something we cant even explain to a new Coach. We try. But like I said, it's really hard to explain and imitate. Which is why having A PASSION TO CHANGE LIVES will always trump anything as far as a Coach quality goes at CFRR. Because that passion never dies....it is something that is there constantly burning and growing! 

That being said....everybody needs a break! And it is so damn hard for us to do!! So this is why I started doing this trip for our team. Not taking a shower for time and not eating my breakfast out of my Tupperware while I am driving is A-MAZING. It's really the small things. 

While the Coaches were away this past week I took it upon myself to seriously disconnect. Unplug from the "earthly world". Grow as a person, wife, coach, friend, and athlete. Take some time to reflect and an opportunity to literally "TURN IT OFF".... Something that isn't easy for me to do.... especially when you have it "ON" all the damn time. And ....well... that's just what I did.

I ......

woke up to the sunrise if I wanted. 
Slept in if I wanted. 
Worked out if and when I wanted. 
Skipped protein in my snacks (oh yaaah) 
Read when I wanted.  
Prayed when I wanted. 
Wore what I wanted aka bikini all.damn.day.and.night. 
Went to sleep when I ... I mean ..... Aggie wanted hahahahaha , had to add that in! 

Just to name a few! 

Off all the things, the most mind blowing thing to me that I did was go a FULL 24 hours without checking my phone. You see I'm the resident DJ and the pool music was on my phone soooooo...That's where it stayed ....connected to the speaker system .. In the closet... So therefore I didn't check it. Nor did I feel the need to. If someone needed me, they could contact someone else. This is something I used to feel terribly bad about and when I thought about it, I worried about it the entire time. But this time, I didn't even try AND I didn't feel guilty! I actually didn't even realize it was 24 hours until after it happened! I was really proud of myself for this. 

Toot Toot ;)

So many good convos were had, so much laughing ... I took my first walk alone ... And liked it (Janna Bona can tell you how big of deal this is). Oh and Yes we drank a ton of Ciroc. It's safe to say, we made P-Diddy very #PROUD. We probably broke the world record for the largest amount of Ciroc consumed from only 6 people (5 being girls) within the first 24 hours of arrival (no need to share the total) #winning. You might judge us but well, that's who we are. We like to party. Work hard ....play HARDER... And that's just what we do. Go big or go home. All I can say is that coming home to something you love only makes it that much better!! I missed my CFRR family and I am so blessed to do what I love! What I was born to do! CHANGE LIVES EVERY DAY

Coming home isn't hard... it's actually the best part! #blessed  

Until next year.... 

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