Sunday, October 19, 2014

3....2.....1...... Yo Slow Down :-)

Everything doesn't have to be for time...right? Ya easier said then done! Ha! 

Regularly Spending time relaxing and rebooting has become something I truly look forward to. I have found even the most annoying of tasks like grocery shopping and food prep can even do just that.... IF done the right way ofcourse. 

Slowing down isn't always easy. It's something you have to work hard to do if your someone like myself. So I have been really working at it! It's really just a mindset and a choice to make the best of every moment.  Turning on Imagine Dragons radio, lighting a candle, opening all the blinds in my kitchen to let the sun beam in has been my go to for "food prep Sundays"... I LOVE IT! Some of the smallest things can truly create such a different atmosphere and make the most annoying of tasks truly relaxing and peaceful! It also helps that you dread it less each week moving forward :) 

What annoying task could you switch up? Give it a try! 

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