Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ready and #GRATEFUL

Today I was trying to remember how it feels to have your adrenaline rushing as you are lined up waiting for your heat to exit the warm up area. That feeling you get in your throat as you are chalking up looking down at your legs and hands as the clock counts down from 10.... Doing your best to control your breathing, your eyes widen anxiously and your heart pounds excitingly ready and waiting ....
Waiting to hear that heart pounding phrase .... The phrase we all know and all love ... 



This right here is something I've enviously witnessed on the sidelines for 2.5 years. Something I have missed more than words can actually describe.  Although it's a small competition to all you big dogs out there, to me, it's all the same.... And there is truly nothing like it. It's why competing is so special and to me is a gift. Not a time to compare or worry. It's a time to enjoy and celebrate your hard work. 

I am overwhelmed with so many emotions .... Some nervous and anxious, a lot of excitedness (yes I made up another word Thomas #writeitdown #yourewelcome) ABOVE ALL else I am #grateful to be given a second chance. Thankful to do what I love. Thankful to train how I love. Thankful to GROW. #GRATEFUL to Compete. 


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