Thursday, April 9, 2015

A CrossFitting Bingers Truth.

Binge Blackout: 
A brief moment when your hand and mouth simultaneously have a mind of their own and in unison become a small human grabbing shoveling machine. 

Can't stop won't stop. DON'T STOP! 
Let's face it we all eat "off plan" a little. We've all binged on 1 thing or another at some point in our life and If you say haven't you're lying. Whether it be eating "too much of a good thing" IE: paleo muffins or that 1 treat you wait ALL week for. Eating something you want and crave is inevitable and normal.

But it shouldn't completely keep you from reaching your body composition goals. The key to doing so goes a few different ways. One way is just plain knowing when enough is enough. For some .... It's just not putting yourself in that predicament to begin with, because enough just never happens... until well.... it's all gone and it happens so quick most don't even know it's happening. Until it's too late. 

Either way If you have been busting your butt to reach serious goals, all the sudden you feel as if your whole weeks worth of training and fight towards that body fat goal or pair of hot pants you've been dying to rock just demolished away all in a matter of 10 mins. 

"If only it came off like it can come on..... If only." 

First things first - wrap your mind around the fact $HIT happens. Learn from what happened and recognize the type of "binger" you are. Wrap your mind around the fact that you are one of them. Everyone is. 

1. The "Just throw it away" binger  

2. The "Dig it out of the trash" binger 

You might think this is the weirdest way to describe such a thing but it's the truth. Me personally I am #2 aka Digger hahaha. So much that I have to pour whatever it is in the trash so I can't dig it out and figure out a way to consume it. Ya gross I know, but it's the damn truth. I've wrapped my mind around it so I am not afraid to admit it. It's who I am and I've learned to accept the embarrassing truth that some just can't. And that's where you learn. That's where you find peace. That's where you grow. Ya that's right. Call me a trash digger. Whatevs.

There are definitely ways to prevent binging, and although they might seem simple, a lot of times people find themselves not doing these things because they want to binge so much.  Hopefully this blog will help someone out there that just hasn't wrapped their mind around this and it will save you from the torment that binging can create both emotionally and physically. 

5 tips I personally use to prevent binging on those special things that make you jump for joy when they hit your mouth. 

1. Recognize the things that might create a binge. This is a trigger food for you. Period. For those that are "diggers" you probably shouldn't consume it alone in your own home. Or even ever again. If so, make it for a "non family only" group get together. The likely hood of you actually binging in front of a large group thats not just family is slim. So you should be safe. 

2. Never EVER keep trigger foods at home. If you are a parent, don't buy it for your kids unless in one single serving. They won't know the difference either way. You on the other hand, will know it's there and let's be real here it will most likely get consumed by YOU before they even get a chance to.

3. Find ways to satisfy your cravings in smaller healthier options. Find new recipes. Plan ahead. Know and realize that you are craving something and find a healthier way to almost play a trick on your emotional psyche. Seriously, just try it. You will be shocked how satisfied you are and by how proud you will be that you won that battle and didn't find yourself in a serious binge predicament. Waking up the next morning disappointed is never as a good as a whole package of cookies feels sitting in your tummy. 

4. Always know you will go back for more of something you just love. So when you go for your first serving, serve yourself half as much. That way when you go back for seconds, which you will, you will have consumed less than you probably would have. 

5. This is probably the one I use the most. Always always remind yourself there is always tomorrow. You DON'T have to eat it all right NOW. The same thing will be there tomorrow and you can have some then. So fight that temptation and look forward to having a little nibble when you wake up or something. That way you have that to look forward to. This will most likely keep you from starting that black out period where all the sudden..... Enough was enough when it was all gone. 

All in all remind yourself that you are just human! And these craving are normal! Don't beat yourself or self sabotage yourself by saying screw it and spin out of control. You can always work it off with a hard WOD and a solid day of good clean grub! Just get back on it and remember your goals are still achievable! 

Which "binger" are you? Except it. Learn from it. Grow from it. Change from it. 

Seek. Believe. Achieve. 

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