Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tummy Sleeping "Freefaller" No MORE!

“Athletes that respect themselves don’t sleep on their stomachs” Kelly Starrett #truthbomb

As someone who is a "freefaller" it's definitely not easy to read something like that from the all mighty Kelly Starrett! I must be honest, sleeping on my belly makes me happy (or so I think) and its something I have been battling for a long time now. I'm pretty sure I've tried almost everything to change the way I sleep. 

Going into this surgery I knew I would have no choice but to sleep on my back. This made me excited! I knew I could kinda start fresh and remedy to the constant chronic pain in my neck, upper traps, shoulders and not to mention get better at this sport I love so much CrossFit. Well I lasted about 17 days. Today I am officially 3 weeks post opp and this past Monday I woke up on my left side/belly without a pillow. Fast forward to today and I again have given myself chronic shoulder and neck pain. Like I am talking worse than my surgery pain!! It's STUPID!! All because of my sleeping position!! So annoying!!! Lifting my arm hurts, turning my head hurts, my TMD is killing me and I have a constant headache.  

I have to make a change.... and NOW! But just like buying a new pair of running sneakers to aid sore knees, it’s only putting a bandage on the situation. To remedy the problem, the form must be corrected AND FOR GOOD!! 

So I am going to attempt to try one more pillow (I've tried 5 now). This is supposed to be the "training wheels" of pillows and helps to teach those who sleep on their tummy to not. So waking up finding myself on my stomach SHOULD be pretty much impossible.We shall see.... I am pretty used to getting what I want;) Check out the pic of this bad boy below.... It's no joke! hahaaha

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

I will keep you posted on how it goes. Hopefully I can get used to this weird thing aka pillow and find myself in less pain. I truly value my sleep and just want the best for this body of mine:) 

Here is a great video from KStar about sleep positions and some mobility as well! Enjoy! 

Seek. Believe. Achieve.

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