Monday, January 3, 2011

Day One....CrossFit Love Paleo Challenge!

Today I started the CrossFit Love Worldwide 30 day paleo challenge! I want to log my food on here at least every other day to hold myself accountable and so everyone else can hold me accountable! HA!

My first day is still nowhere near where I want it. I fell back into the yummy world of fruit over Xmas break so replacing all of this fruit with veggies will happen asap! I did notice my workouts were stronger so I will be upping my carbs on my 16 hour days. OH and I also feel in love with bacon wrapped dates over the holiday...I will be finishing them up this week as you will see:D

I had a late bfast (not normal) so I ate more carbs since my first SicFIt WOD back was 3 hours later. Didn't want to have to eat much right before the workout!

Small apple
3 oz turkey
2 bacon wrapped dates stuffed with almonds (dates had half a slice a bacon each)

1 bacon wrapped date 30 min before workout

2:30 post workout
small can coconut juice 3 blocks worth
2.5 blocks tuna

1.5 oz steak
1.5 tsp coconut butter

talapia with tomatoes, cilantro, olive oil and small amount of pineapple
shredded squash with bacon and mushrooms
lots of spinach with olive oil

What did you eat today?