Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So proud!

One of my amazing clients and great friend Wendy aka "High-Tech" took on the MS150 in honor of her mother this past week. Out of 14,000 people who attempted this race only 3,700 actually crossed the finish line. I mean WOW! I am so proud of her for taking on this amazing challenge that she never thought possible. This was a very cleansing and special moment in her life that she will always remember.  It has taught her so many things about her self, and has shown her children how to fight for something you really want. Mama can do anything she puts her mind to...ANYTHING! You made me proud and your mother is looking down on you with that big smile on her face with tons of joy for you and your amazing accomplishment!

Midway through the race on Saturday, Wendy sent me this text......... it made me smile from ear to ear and brought tears to my eyes....

"Special thanks to you, been told I was a powerhouse!! Riding 175 miles uphill, against wind, wrong bike making me work double time. Love ya"

That's what it all about. I love what I do.

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