Monday, August 29, 2011

Beutifully Powerful through CrossFit...

My amazing client and good friend Bria sent me this pic last week and I just had to share it. I would honestly get it blown up to cover my entire bedroom wall if Landon would let me:)  LOVE IT! I get so many raised eyebrows when people I am meeting for the first time find out I work out and own a non air conditioned garage gym, filled with bars and plates with no mirrors. Um Duh. I love lifting heavy $hit with no a.c. and wouldn't have it any other way. Yes I do get my hair did on a regular basis and it's extremely important for my lulu to properly coordinate with my watches and headbands daily. I also embrace the bruises on my clavicle from PR'ing with a 130# push press and don't feel right if I end a workout not completely covered in sweat and dirt. I enjoy being beautified through CrossFit. Being powerful and strong IS BEAUTIFUL. Being beautiful is CrossFit. Embrace your beauty ladies...we are stronger than most men anyways.

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