Friday, February 24, 2012

Cruise Control to Mental Confidence!

There are times in our lives when proving to ourselves we can do something is more important than proving to others. More important than a time...a rep count. Saturday will be a time like this for me. What everyone thinks doesn't matter. I will be doing this for me and I've worked hard. 7 mins of non-stop burpees. IPod on. Mind over body. Body off....mind on. Cruise control for 7 mins of a low skilled movement that I have been doing for years....that I can do in my sleep. I will move the entire 7 mins. My body can do the work. It can withstand the pain. It's more of a matter of deciding how bad I REALLY want it. Stopping isn't an option. I am excited to prove to myself that I am stronger than I ever thought possible...physically and mentally. MENTALLY CONFIDENT. may just be a workout to you...but to me it is MUCH MORE. Showing myself that I have conquered a workout mentally. Showing up with the confidence in knowing I have the mental toughness to conquer what I thought I couldn't. Bring it on Burpees. You aint got nothing on me....I am committed. 100%. I WANT IT. Real bad.

Are you pumped?!? I AM!!!

This is my workout. I want it. #ican #iwill.

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