Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's TIME...Vision Board Check In!!

It's amazing how fast a year can go by right? Time is such a precious thing that is so easy to take advantage of! I enjoy setting my own goals and seeing what I have accomplished and/or still haven't. I am a goal oriented person and although its annoying to take time out of my schedule to do these things, when I am done I feel so excited to watch all my visions and dreams unfold!

This year when I did my vision board I went for things that excited me but that I was a little scared to do. Which is one reason why some of these things didn't happen. The things is, I create my own vision! So if I pass up surfing in Cali when people have to wear body suits cause the water is freezing (a random thing I put on my board) ...that's OK! Maybe next year:) my vision doesn't have to be for just this year!!! Enough about what wasn't accomplished...on to what was:) 

My Faith
Worry less (this goes hand and hand with my faith I've realized)
All new focus
My best body
Sleep better
Cruise for the #ATEAM
Engaged :)
Handstand walks
Pretty grass in my backyard
More pedicures
Getting more organized
Being satisfied
Christmas tea at the steeping room ;)
Coach forever at heart

So many other things have come out of all of these visions I had put out there. I have built amazing new relationships and friendships that I know I will have the rest of my life. I have become closer to my family, to the #ATeam and most of all to Landon. I have learned to slow down and take everything in....Where I am and where I was...rather than always worrying about where I am going.

All I can say is that I can't wait for next year...and for all that is in store:)

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