Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Why Accountability?

Oh ACCOUNTABILITY....  So many want it but so many are so afraid to ask for it. To me accountability can be described in many ways. In my opinion it means having someone helping you that truly cares about you achieving your goals and will work their a$$ off making sure you achieve them. Someone who WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL. I was once asked in an interview with Fitness RX magazine "If you could give someone one piece of advise that is starting their weight loss journey, what would it be?" My answer was ACCOUNTABILITY! Why? Because EVERYONE needs it! Having someone else take interest in your outcome is hugely important, plus the support of someone that believes in you no matter what is a huge advantage.

WHY are people afraid of ACCOUNTABILITY?  For some people it can be their pride that turns them away from asking for accountability. Maybe they don’t want people to know that they struggle with eating or nutrition. Maybe the thought of anyone thinking that they can't do it by themselves makes them feel uneasy about asking for it. Well I say STOP being so prideful! STOP!  It kills me to think that people would literally rather settle with feeling miserable and/or depressed rather than admitting they have something they need to work on. People this is your HEALTH and well being! Don't SETTLE! Life isn't about settling! You choose your life and I say make it the best you can. The smallest step can make the biggest difference in your life. I mean would you rather live down and out or be happy with who you see in the mirror while waking up everyday feeling better than you ever have? Exactly. The answer should be easy!!!!

Below is what accountability through hard work looks like. And this is only in 4 WEEKS! When Rob started my nutrition program he was ready to lean up but was eating for weight loss. These are 2 totally different ways of eating. Together we got after it and the results came with ease. After 4 weeks he lost 3% body fat, countless inches and guess what.... HE weighed the EXACT SAME in the pics below! And as you can see...pictures don't lie. Rob is a perfect example of someone ready to do the work and ready to commit. People always ask what they are paying for when they are deciding to commit to my nutrition program, and sometimes my answer seems to shock them. Hey guess what...it's ACCOUNTABILITY. Yes I have a print out and a plan etc. but most importantly I am hands on when it comes to helping people achieve their goals through proper nutrition. Whether you are afraid of it or not......get some accountability. Big things can and will happen for you. The skies the limit:) 

Before                                         After                                     

Before                                          After 

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