Friday, December 28, 2012

Just Plain GIDDY!

I know this might seem like a weird picture. When I was looking for a picture for this post for some reason I just kept going back to this just made me giddy with a big smile. And that is pretty much how I feel when I think about starting to Coach again. Although I am nervous to uphold to my own insane level of expectations that I set for myself, I couldn't be more excited to be doing what I love the most each and every week again! This is something I have wanted to be doing again for a long time but just never took the proper steps. Well now the steps have been made and I get to COACH AGAIN! YAYYYY!!! Check out my new classes below:)

Monday and Friday 6:15AM COMP-RX

Monday and Wednesday 12:30PM olySTRENGTH

Tuesday and Thursday 5:30PM olyWOD

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