Monday, April 29, 2013 AMAZING new patio:)

For the last 3 years I have been cutting and pasting a picture of a relaxing patio on my vision board. Check out my 2012 vision board below. Now that I look back at this a little closer I am realizing how much older I am....I mean I put TIME TO PLAY underneath the pic. WOW. Anyways......

Every year it seemed making my vision of a patio come to life, it was one of only things that didn't seem to make the cut, along with surfing and horseback riding. The "personal life" section of my vision board has always seemed to take the back seat, but this year I am putting a stop to that!! You see, focusing on our business has been the #1 top priority for Landon and I for the last 3 years. Personal/work life balance has never been something we are the best at. Even though I REALLY desired having a relaxing place of my own, I never took the time to really make it happen. I picked other events and occasions over my own happiness. This is a perfect example of why making a vision board is so awesome!!! It makes you do the things you never thought you would and holds you accountable to making things that you really want happen in your life. My "ALL OR nothing" personality had to learn quickly that with home projects it is exactly that....A PROJECT and it takes time:). Landon and I got to learn something new together and potted our very first plants EVER. Not just in the 6 1/2 yeas of our EVER. I know it sounds a litte corny, but I feel like a real "grown up" now hahaha but really!!! I mean not only have I NEVER potted a plant, I have never even owned one. I have always wanted to, but never took the time. I am beaming with excitement and I can't wait to go home and relax on my patio:) 

Check out the pics below! Landon and I started this process about a year ago and I happy to say my relaxing outdoor sitting area is finally complete:) Isn't it pretty!!!! I think it is! Thanks babes for taking the time to make this happen even after a long week and even longer weekend. You are so amazing and I am really blessed to have a man like you in my life, who puts me and my dreams first:) I Love you! 

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  1. Landon, you are doing it all wrong! Just kidding. Congrats! Looks great!