Saturday, May 25, 2013

Finally...I am on the road to BETTER:)

As many of you biggest focus this year training wise to focus on getting better. Get better to be able to compete towards 2014 Regionals for Team CFRR. Something Landon and I have wanted for so long was to go to Regionals and compete with a Team. OUR family ...[TEAM CFRR]. Last year we competed at The Europa and it was our first true team competition. I had more fun than I ever thought possible and I know we have a solid chance...IF we are ALL in tip top condition. So we are determined to do what we can to get there in 2014. For Landon that is gaining back his strength, hit a few comps later this year to train higher volume. For me...its totally different. 2013 isn't my year to hit competitions or to train upper body strength. Getting better for me was admitting that I had a real issue going on....that I was indeed injured and to stop acting like I could get better without the truth of what was really going on inside this good ole body of mine.

This year has been the worst so far for my neck, and I was doing everything I could to get better. Accupuncture, Chiro, Soft tissue, treatment for name it. I stopped doing all gymnastic, and Olympic movements in the hopes it would get better. Of and on I would feel better but never felt really healed. I had pretty much convinced myself that I just wasn't supposed to compete. That nothing was actually wrong and that I just had to realize sitting on the sidelines was were I was supposed to be. Well my body decided to show me otherwise. This past month my neck started to take a turn for the worse. Being able to work out wasn't even the big concern anymore, normal things like sleeping and training my clients became extremely painful and almost impossible. The pain started to radiate down my arm and it was official, it was time to admit some real shit was wrong. Last week led to X-rays ....this past Monday a MRI. I waited a long 3 days for the MRI results that led to 1 conclusion...

I had ruptured a disc in my cervical spine. 

Yikes. Not something I was expecting to hear. But what can you do? First I need to forgive myself for not going to the doctor sooner and second I just need to focus on 1 THING. [GET BETTER] and push through the negative ...actually F that. [PLOW] through the negative thoughts. I am FINALLY going to get better. 2 years and now I am finally on the right path. Although it sucks...I am excited to know that I am truly taking the steps towards my path of getting better. Not just to compete...but for overall health and wellness. I will be doing everything in my power to detour around cervical neck surgery. I will be a good student and take care of [ME]! My body deserves it! This is my Regionals training for 2014 and you can bet The Adams family will be on solid duo. Just wait;)

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